Sunshine Coast BC, Bujinkan Namiyama Dojo

About the Classes:

There are structured classes throughout the week:

* Wednesday evenings on the Sunshine Coast
* Saturday mornings on the Sunshine Coast

All classes are held outdoors in our local parks, forests, mountains, and beaches - rain or shine. We believe that an art that adheres to the principles of nature is best learned out there in all of its elemental variety. Outdoor survival is constantly being learned through ever changing terrain, weather, and dressing appropriately.

Body conditioning, multiple opponents of varying sizes, and training in the dark are also important aspects of our relaxed atmosphere classes. Without weight divisions, trophies, tatami mats, or regulations, we are free to explore many different scenarios and solutions.

Many local seminars with other schools and traveling Master Teachers are scheduled throughout the year. There are also opportunities to travel to other parts of the world to learn from various teachers and to Hombu Dojo in Japan to learn from Soke Hatsumi directly.

*** In honour of (what we believe to be) the spiritual nature of Ninpo’s history, this school is not operated as a business. Moneys collected go toward equipment for the dojo (personal bills are paid for through outside employment) and to travel costs for further learning, which is then taught in the dojo.

How to Begin Training:

email Michael