Sunshine Coast BC, Bujinkan Namiyama Dojo

What is a ‘dojo’?

A dojo is basically a place of higher learning where we face our fears, anxieties, habits, and experiences in a controlled setting. A place where we can learn how to accomplish our goals in the world around us more efficiently - the battles we face inside the dojo help us deal with the battles we will face outside the dojo. It is an arena where we can engage with an opponent who is really a fellow student on a similar path, helping us to understand ourselves more fully. As an old proverb states, “it is better to cry in the dojo and laugh on the battlefield.”

We train with an emphasis on natural movement, personal and surrounding awareness, and a physiological understanding of the human body. Through rigorous physical practice in a curriculum of tumbling, proper falling, jumping from high places, striking, kicking, grappling, traditional and modern weaponry, evasion and escape techniques, multiple opponents, tactical outdoor survival, and meditation, we soon learn that a personal world without fear and anxiety is well within our grasp.

Another important aspect is balancing martial power with artistic expression, be it drawing, painting, writing, dance, theatre, sculpture, construction, or any of the many cultural arts. If one focuses too much on fighting, he or she will always have fighting on their mind and eventually become a hostile person. This why we practice both equally in the spirit of ‘in-yo’ ( yin-yang ).

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